A 40-day Radical Training Commitment Theme For Day 8 – Where Shall We Meet? “Pay Forward” #87

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Radical Training Theme For Day 8 – Where Shall We Meet? I want to improve my conscious contact, my relationship with our Father. Step Eleven tells us it can be done through prayer and meditation. However, there are Ten Steps before this one that prepares us for Step twelve. As we awake, we will do well to practice A.A.’s spiritual principles. I understand the altar we are to go to pray and meditate is the temple within, our place of worship. I had to clear away some of the wreckage of my past before I felt like it was OK for me to meet our Father’s Holy Spirit, the indwelling Presence. By working A.As’ spiritual principles, I realized it was a good idea to pray anytime. However, I can pray whenever, but I've learned not to go to the altar within to meditate with an un-forgiven resentment. I would focus on the negative stuff and it would get worse. Matthew 5:21-26, confirmed my finding. I became willing to give up the lower for the Higher, my personal will for our Father’s Will. My yearning for a conscious union with Him increased, I have experienced His Loving grace many times. There is no longer any question that our Father is my only true Source. Prayer and meditation does not change our Father, it change us. Wisdom tells me to return to my altar, often. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.