Chatter “Pay Forward” #67

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Chatter. Out of an enlightened self-interest I want so much to do and to be our Father’s Will, 24/7, but I fall far short. My personal “reality” chatter blocks me from intuitively hearing His Loving Voice. Within each of us our Father’s Holy Presence is transforming what we eat into everything we need to live. I meditate on the circulation of His Will, and its assimilation, and the elimination of the chatter getting in His Way. When I am able to be silent and still I experience a wonderful rhythm of life in conscious union with His Will; my deepest heart’s desire. I believe our Father/Creator wants His children to know His Will and Love. We all have a part in expressing Him in this world. However, we must be in alignment with His will to enjoy the journey. Our limited finite being sees only a shadow, an outline at best of His Will. Most often we are not conscious of His Will being done until after it’s done. We are all given everything we need to carry out our individual mission, and everything we need to rewrite and rewire our personal “reality,” we cannot do anything good enough to earn His grace or do anything so bad that He would withhold it. With the ears of faith, I intuitively hear His Voice saying, “Have I been with you all this time …and you still do not know me?” John 14:9. There is always a purpose, Trust Him. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.