Preparing to be Prepared “Pay Forward” #66

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Preparing to be Prepared. As I prepare for this day I am being prepared by our Father’s grace, He is within, around and through us all, and fills the space between. Omnipresence is not just a kissing up word but REALITY. I pray that every part of me; the good and not good, is being transformed into His workable assets. Not as something to own but to live, and to share. Our deepest prayers are answered before we ask, because it is our Father within guiding us. His encouragement is hidden in our heart’s desire. Until we are willing to accept the REALITY that it is our Father within doing the works that we call our life. His Life is being expressed as our life. At times, our motive is so selfish, and self-concerned we may question why He would have anything to do with us? Well, He knows via His Omniscience, and He gets His Will done via His Omnipotence. Of course His Wisdom is far beyond our pay-grade. In a moment of stillness we may spontaneously awaken to our True Self, without planning, just being, just doing, we intuitively know that we are one of His children. I believe for that moment we are in alignment with our Father’s Will, which is our heart’s desire, our intended Self. Letting Him have His Way takes lots of courage, but it is worth whatever it takes. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.