A Junior Partner’s Opportunity “Pay Forward” #63

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - A Junior Partner’s Opportunity.
I have a great opportunity to invite my consciousness to return to love this day. That is, to remember to seek and find our Father’s Presence in everyone and everything. I am willing, let’s see if I can and how fast I can return to our Boss. Wasting as little time and energy on my not-able-ness, but I’m spend more on contemplation; His Omni-es. I started this day with a good idea that would not leave me alone. I tried to trick myself with extra meditation, but that did not work. That would be taking our first language, silence too far. I am reminded of my partnership with our Father, I accept that I am way down the line as a junior [His son] partner. I have a tiny place in His Operation, which is the mission He has assigned me. My Spiritual maturity and possibility a little upgrade as His junior partner depends on my demonstrating my mission. His Will need to be done, always an expression of His grace. I intend to stay in conscious contact with the Home Office. We are freely furnished with an abundance of everything we could need. And a great labor pool [all junior partners] to draw from. I’m in radical training and I will not be punished for my mistakes, in which I am grateful. After all we have a built-in barometer. OK, enough talk I need to get busy. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.