Enlightened Self-Interest An Asset “Pay Forward” #60

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Enlightened Self-Interest An Asset. Experiencing my selfishness transformed by the power of grace into an asset, is an awakening to our Father’s unconditional love. I am reminded that He is truly my Source for everything He Wills me to do and to be. I choose to do Your Will and Your Love 24/7 consciously known or unknown. Being in harmony with Your intention for me, Father I’m a co-creator, instead of an illusion maker of separation. I’m willing to fill my mind with what I want, not with what I don’t. My love in union with our Father’s Love is becoming deeper than words. I choose to do acts of love daily, instead of withholding, A.A. offers lots of opportunities. I’m learning to get out of the way of miracles. Now, I’m teachable. I love having a real purpose in life. I’m willing to show up no matter what, even when my trust and faith are lacking, I make an attempt to return to love, ASAP. We are always in the Presence of the creator of all miracles and this is the time and place where miracles happen and promises are kept. Everywhere I look I see the proof of our Father’s Presence by His works. Let me remember even for this instant to hear Your Holy Voice, Father and follow all Your Ways. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.