The Root Meanings “Pay Forward” #58

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - The Root Meanings. Let’s look at a couple troublesome words. The root word for evil in Hebrew is aven, which means “nothing,” thus we feed our thinking on “nothing.” By looking to our physical body and world as our source of fulfillment, we become a mere living, breathing animal. Another useful way to look at evil is the fact that it is “live” spelled backward. A great many of our problems are caused by putting our personal “reality” or ego, as our “Source” instead of our Father. Sin is another word that causes the abuse of the most commonly used “Drug – Guilt and Punishment.” Missing the mark is the root for the word sin. I am given the gift of grace to feel the same Divine Love in my heart for the sinner and the saint. All walls of separation are falling down as we realize we have only missed the mark. Our Loving Father does not punish us for our wrongs. The consequence of our wrongs is the “punisher.” Why, if God is perfect and humans are in His image and likeness, should there be such imperfection in humans? After all, there is an infinite intelligence within us that transform water into flesh and bones, then why don’t we call on that Indwelling Presence and Power for all our needs and wants? There are processes we must go through, and A.A. has given us the tools to chip away all that is not our Father’s Will. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.