My Broad-Road Got Narrow “Pay Forward” #56

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - My Broad-Road Got Narrow. I never thought that my tolerance becoming narrow would be a sign of growth, as far as my guidance system goes. In the beginning of my serendipity journey, my tolerance was indeed a broad road. I was living a "life" of an angry, violent, and alcoholism, plus a closed mind, with less and less tolerance. My narrowing down of my guidance system will not tolerate even a little unkindness or dwelling on any kind of negative stuff. I realize that all I have of any value has been given to me by grace. I can no longer get by with taking credit when it is our Father doing the works. I experienced demands within that I needed to empty my personal "reality's" forcing me to practice a little humility. I am guided (sometimes forced) to be obedient to our Father's Will. When my will and His Will seem to be at odds, my narrowed down tolerance is saying, "don't, go there" or if I am already there "don't, dwell there." On top of that I am reminded of my commitment to do His Will consciously know or unknown. Yes, I know that growth is a divine answer to my prayers, but my guidance system is “just doing its job.” I am reminded of my shifting motives and mood changes. Regardless of what this looks like I am truly grateful for this spiritual journey. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.