Open Heart Open Mind “Pay Forward” #55

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Open Heart Open Mind. By the time I arrived at A.A. I didn’t trust anyone, including myself. I heard the following from someone who seem to know what he was talking about. “Take everything with a grain of salt. Watch your back. Don’t trust just anyone, especially someone who says, “Trust me, friend, I know what I’m doing.” Check it out. Trust your gut.” I come to believe this person’s wisdom; it did ring true, at the time. Parts of it turned out to be workable; however it was based on fear more than our loving Father. I have learned by working with newcomers that we should not trust anyone beyond their current ability. It is not fair to that person or to our self. An A.A. member with about six months sobriety told me that he knew his wife wanted him to love her more than he could. He said, “I promise you I love her all that I can.” Well, that’s all anyone can do. Out of the mouth of babes comes great wisdom. Upon awakening I turn to You Father with an open heart and mind, I am filled with love and gratitude, now is the time to act like it by doing it the best I can. The gift of love is as precious as the gift of life and the gift of time. Let’s make every moment count, because we will not pass this way again. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.