Denial “Pay Forward” #52

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Denial. I have two useful ways I view denial. I believe denial is a wonderful gift of grace. My experience tells me that my denial of a defect does not breakdown until I have whatever it takes to accept responsibility for it. By owning that defect it is my choice what to do about it. Because I am not blaming it on someone else it is mine to surrender to our Father, and step out of His Will being done. The other important way I view and use denial is to withdraw the power I’ve given whatever it is that is no longer useful or is harmful. I can let go and let God have His Way. Repentance means denial; it is a relinquishment and without having to make it a capital crime. A.A.’s spiritual tools enable us to deny out of our storehouse old useless and harmful habits of thoughts and feelings. We can do this as if we are gently sweeping away cobwebs. Then, we can affirm those things we do want, and claim our Divine inheritance. Working A.A.’s Steps we identify old negative patterns, as we take ownership, we can build an Early Warning System. As these unwanted guest popup we can deny them the power they demand. We can rid our consciousness of some limited thoughts that have encumbered and darkened our understanding, by living A.As’ spiritual principles. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.