Appealing My Judgments “Pay Forward” #42

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Appealing My Judgments. If I continue to be concerned about a past judgment about someone or something, it is a past-due project. To start the process I must first own the judgment, then I can surrender it to one of our Father’s lower courts; His duly appointed. If they cannot correct the problem, and if that does not work, I can appeal to the Highest Court, directly to our Father. I will accept His ruling willing. Most likely, He will cause me to change my judgment, and upgrade it to an asset. That is what He has done with some of my worse defects. By His grace I have a spiritual tools box, filled with transformed asset, I can share. I am so grateful for His good works; to do otherwise is to dishonor His love. When I fail I know what I need to do without delay. All my illusions are lies that I made up or went along with, which is the core of my useless judgments. Everything we do, say, think, feel, or experience at any level will change us a tiny bit. Trying to live on yesterday’s bread will assure us that we will be making outdated judgments. A.A. suggests that we live one day at a time, seeking time to fill not to kill. As soon as you realize you are living a bad, useless or harmful judgment, appeal it to the Highest Court. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.