Herding Our Holy Cows “Pay Forward” #39

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Herding Our Holy Cows. The question is - Do I have a herd of Holy Cows in hidden fields within me? It’s time to take an inventory of my habits of thoughts and feelings abiding in my personal "reality." I can identify, and brand those Holy Cows I find, and surrender them to our Father and follow His guidance. Some will be sent to the market to share. Some will join my growing herd. With the eyes of faith I see the proof of our Father's Presence, Power and Wisdom within each of us doing the works we call life. I urgently seek that mystical union to increase daily. I accept that I have a lot unbranded Holy Cows in hidden fields of denial. Next Spring, I will do another roundup. "The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his [or her] loneliness" (Norman Cousins). For me, There’s One Solution to loneliness, it’s that Mystical Union, which created us all to be One Life - that is our Father’s Life within, around and through each of us. When we awaken, and are introduced to our True Self we will no longer be lonely, or fragmented, but Whole. I can see beyond myself, and I see our created-Self. We always have Loving Divine Company. I look through the eyes of faith, at the proof of our Father’s Presence, and I listen for His Holy Voice, though all of us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.