Getting Out Of His Way “Pay Forward” #37

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Getting Out Of His Way. I believe my Home Group is a community of faith in our Father’s grace, offering support; correction and mutual concern on our A.A. spiritual journey. Using Alcoholics Anonymous’ spiritual tools we can chip away all that is not our true individual created self. We realize the importance of service work; getting out of ourselves by sharing the gifts we are so freely given. As we practice these principles in all our affairs, we realize if one of us suffers, all parts do also, and if one part is honored, all are blessed. So much of our lives were wasted on withholding ourselves, now we find how great it is that we can make a good difference in this old-world. Our lives are not as unpredictable as it was. While it is true we may not know what form or shape or size our experience will come, we can be assured that it will be much better if we share the gifts we are given us by grace. A great many active A.A. members are living far better than we could ever imagine. Whenever we feel we are given more than we can handle it’s no long the problem it once was. It turns out to be another opportunity to call on our real Boss and get out of His way, letting Him have His Way. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.