Bending With Life’s Winds “Pay Forward” #35

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Bending With Life’s Winds. My prayers are expanding, and taking on many forms. Sometimes I have a few movements in union with our Father. The past few years I’ve used Centering Prayer, a path to contemplation (the highest form of meditation; our Father does the communication). A.A.’s way of life offers us a great spiritual growth tools to remove the obstacles to my interior silence. When I realize that I have made up more obstacles to my spiritual path or human growth, it’s time to work the Steps and Traditions again. I only need to be willing, not always able to let go and let our Father’s will be done. Let me remember even for an instant that it is the Father within doing the works we call life. His love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness. Our love is an extension of His love. I would like to be as wise as a tree in a windstorm, bending when the wind is too strong. I envision the trees on the Gulf Coast, how they are shaped with the prevailing wind. In A.A. I am learning to be flexible, even in the prevailing winds (our daily-life). A too rigid closed-minded lifestyle may cause a spiritual, mental, physical, emotional or social “bone” to break. However, the good news is, if there is a “break” (falling back into an old defect) that which our Father healed is stronger than it was before the “break.” Thy Love, Thy Will be done.