Good Morning God “Pay Forward” #29

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Good Morning God. I was in Zurich Switzerland and I wanted to go for my morning walk. I asked my sister-in-law, who was raised in Germany, how to say good morning. She said to try this, “Guten Morgen Gott” which is “Good morning God.” Everyone smiled; it must have been my southern accent. On my 63rd A.A. birthday, so many expression of love set my mind, my heart and soul into a love’s Awakening. I received a poem, which was part of a Sabbath service at a Jewish temple, reminding me how grateful I am. “Once or twice in a lifetime, a man or women may choose a radical leaving, having heard – Go forth. God disturbs us toward our destiny by hard events and by freedom’s now urgent voices which explode and confirm who we are. We don’t like leaving, but God loves becoming.” Another friend reminded me of our true nature; love. When I was about fifteen years old I had an awakening that I did not understand correctly at the time because I was filled with self-pity. I knew I was more loving than I could every express and that I was of more value than I could prove. Sharing with so many in A.A. I realize the wrongs committed and the not rights done are due to short coming, not because we are evil or sinful. Sin’s true meaning is - missing the mark. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.