Who Controls The Fire Within? “Pay Forward” #28

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Who Controls The Fire Within? On our vacation we roomed at the Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde National Park. The name was perfect; we could see from our room around 100 miles. We were up all night watching a lighting storm headed our way. It was the best “fire-works” I had ever seen. We witnessed lighting starting one forest-fire after another. A Forest-Ranger told us how important those fires could be, if they don’t get out of control. The undergrowth gets so thick that the forest will not support the animal life. Burning limited controlled areas were very helpful; these are started by forest rangers. This morning my prayers and meditations fired me up, beyond my control. I was feeling a wonderful fulfilling union with our Father’s Loving grace. I consciously affirm daily that I am devoted, dedicated and committed to be and to do our Father’s Love and Will, known or unknown. My habits of thoughts become my beliefs, creating my feelings. In this morning’s prep-work for the day, I meditated on ways I could practice my affirmation. When I am enjoying my spiritual path I experience my serving others as if I am serving our Father in others. I remind myself, that no one or anything can hinder our Father’s Love and Will for me, but me. I pray to experience our Father’s Presence with both my near and my far view. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.