Prayer Is A Reliable Solution “Pay Forward” #269

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Prayer Is A Reliable Solution. I had a dear friend who believed that all of us had be prayed into Alcoholics Anonymous. I had no conscious relationship with a Higher Power at the time he told me that, and I had a hard time believing it, but I trusted that he did. Later, when I realized that the people who had what I wanted said they had a working relationship with a Higher Power, I went on a spiritual quest, which is still on going. I still have some of my spiritual heroes from the early days in the Program. “When we talk about Centering Prayer, [being still and letting our Father do the work] we are talking about love. This distinguishes Centering Prayer from Eastern methods [meditation]. Eastern methods are primarily concerned with awareness. Centering Prayer is concerned with divine love…in other words, our uniqueness remains and becomes the vehicle for the divine expression, which is why we were created” Father Thomas Keating. Centering Prayer has become a great tool for our Step Eleven. Emmet Fox wrote – “Prayer is always the solution. No matter what kind of difficulty may be facing you, no matter how complicated you problem may seem – prayer can solve it. Of course, you will also take whatever practical steps seem to be indicated, and if you do not know what steps to take, prayer will show you.” I am deeply grateful even when I forget our Father is the Boss, He doesn’t. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.