How Prompt “Pay Forward” #268

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift it - How Prompt - can I admit I am off my mission path? If I embrace what I first resist, I can much faster. The moment I catch myself experiencing negativity, fear or anger, I can choose once again. 1. I can accept and own that it’s coming out of my personal “reality.” 2. If I explain or blame something or someone other than me as my problem, I lose my right to correct it. 3. If I own it, I can discredit it as useless, too limited or harmful without delay. By building a habit of addressing the problem quickly I can know when I’ve fallen in an old rut, and I am off my mission path. Without delay I can choose to turn to our Father. As the result of my practicing our Program, I’ve built an Early-Warning System. I can catch my falling into an old rut and get out of it quickly and avoid becoming a rut-dweller. Once I make a decision to get out of the rut I enter a different mindset. I can stop justifying my wrong-doing, and accept that experience as coming out of my personal “reality” giving me the right to surrender it to our Boss to be corrected, or transformed into an asset. “Changing the way we look at something, changes the thing we are looking at.” Step Ten; “Continued to take personal Inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” Thy Love, Thy Will be done.