“Restraint of tongue and pen.” “Pay Forward” #261

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - “Restraint of tongue and pen.”
I have had an Early Warning System for many years in place. I find myself not taking advantage of it consistently, falling back into an old rut. I can promise myself; I will not do that again, only realizing I am doing it. This EWS consists of a database of my habits of thoughts and feelings that no longer work or they are harmful or too expensive. The purpose of this System is to let me quickly know I have fallen into an old rut. Armed with the awareness I can get out of the ditch and back on the path as soon as possible. I was feeling a little depressed and negative at a meeting I had to attend. I learned that I should not try to force myself into a good mood by trying to be funny. Most often it comes across as putting down another person, although I don’t intend to. I may have been able to say the same thing to that person at other time and no harm done. If I am depressed or just negative, it is best that I am straightforward and not try to be funny. In other words I should practice what A.A. suggests - “Restraint of tongue and pen.” As far as I know no one has be able to measure how much loving forgiveness a heart can hold, however, doing our best to forgive is enough. Thy Love, Thy Will be done