For All Seasons “Pay Forward” #257

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – For All Seasons. I didn’t think fall would ever get here, but it did right on God’s time. As someone said, “Nothing else in the universe frets about being late. Does the moon ask itself if it’s where it should be? Does the sun say I must hurry, else I’ll be late?” I notice when I’m most happy is when I am in harmony with the infinite rhythm and accepting all “seasons” - spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally or socially, I’ve learned they all have their season. For a spiritual treatment (prayer) I ask our Father to restore our divine design back to its intended expression, and affirming it’s already done. The words may differ from one problem or another, however, within my heart the spirit of the request is the same. In other words, I’m asking our Father for His Will be done. Every human and created being in the universe is an expression of an invisible Divine design and a season to carry it out. As far as the human there are no neutral thoughts. When we want to build something it begins with an idea, a mental blue-print. Our Creator is always the first cause and we are the secondary cause of those things we make up. “As our practice [prayer] becomes more habitual, the action of the Spirit’s gifts of wisdom and understanding become more powerful and gradually take over our prayer, enabling us to rest habitually in the presence of God” Thomas Keating. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.