A Path To Fulfillment “Pay Forward” #256

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – A Path To Fulfillment. What is a deeply satisfying way of life? Service; Alcoholics Anonymous offers us as many opportunities for loving service as we are willing to accept. Most humans spend much of their time and energy seeking and not finding real satisfaction. Most of us have tried many fixes; alcohol, drugs, sex, food, relationships, material possessions, more information, the list is endless. When we have a Spiritual awakening we may begin our serendipity journey, seeking and finding a loving fulfilling life of service. Our hunger for satisfying fixes is replaced with a Divine discontent. This comes to us by grace embodied in the realization that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, causing us to seek and find a Spiritual solution. As we express the love we are by serving others our conscious experience expands. The infinite Presence within will never be fulfill by our human efforts, or worldly goods. We can see it with the eyes of faith unfolding its Spiritual nature. The giant oak is already in the acorn. The butterfly is waiting inside the cocoon for its new adventure. The Divine Loving Spiritual Design is already within each of us, waiting for our willingness. Loving service is a conformation of our acceptance. We don’t need to accumulate more or try to earn grace it is waiting for our willingness. Serve others and we will get the eternal message about how to have a satisfying life. Come let us lovingly serve one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.