What about loving myself? “Pay Forward” #254

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - What about loving myself? Our Father can transform our selfishness into enlightened self-Interest. I found I could truly care for the individual I was becoming. The nature of the disease, alcoholism is rooted in selfish, self-centeredness. By the time I arrived at Alcoholics Anonymous I had no relationship I could count on left. Self-centered meant survive. Living A.As’ way of life my self-centeredness was transformed into enlightened self-interest. I wanted to be sober, I wanted to give of myself, and I want to be of real service, making a good difference became a reality. I wanted to be warm and loving, kind and understanding, wise and intelligent because it was most fulfilling. Friendship is based on what we have in common with others; I embraced those I shared with as friends. I enlisted personal “reality” into our Father’s service; I was in union with my higher-self. My life is not boring. Before I could be a good friend to others I had to become friends with myself. When I did something wrong, or dangerous, or stupid, as my friend I want it corrected out of enlightened self-interest. I am the only one who can really know my uniqueness, my given purpose. I can understand the commandment to “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” I don’t want it said, “poor neighbor.” I pray I’m conscious of being the individual our Father created. Come let us love one another even as we love ourselves. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.