Imagination – Friend Or Foe “Pay Forward” #251

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Imagination – Friend Or Foe. When we are in harmony with our Higher Self our imagination plays an important part of our co-creating. When we are consciously centered in our personal “reality” – the storehouse of everything we have experienced, real or illusion, our imagination [daydreaming] my come across as our friend or foe. Sometimes we may have conversations with absent people that take on the form of an imaginary quarrel or a lustful daydream, or maybe even a spiritual awakening, which is most satisfying, but if we say “huh” to ourselves, we have a real problem. A much bigger problem is when we have a resentment [to re-feel]; A.A. tells us that it is the number one offender of the alcoholic, the use of our imagination will increases the problem. We do well to turn A.As’ spiritual principles to bring about forgiveness and healing, ASAP. Any negative or harmful dwelling can only bring an experience of unhappiness, lack and limitations. An act of kindness and wisdom is to use our daydreaming to get those things we want, that are uplifting, loving and useful. In other words, to seek to do and to being our intended created Self, opening our hearts and minds to the indwelling Presence, beyond thoughts, words and emotions. The outer expression may come quickly or slowly, but they will come, much like A.As’ promises. Believe in them, and be ready to receive them, first in our imagination and then an outer experience. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.