The Miracle Of Acceptance “Pay Forward” #248

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Miracle Of Acceptance. Practicing the Serenity Prayer daily can open our heart, mind and soul to the reality of acceptance of those things we cannot change. We realize that we cannot change other people or what has already happened. Sometimes it is difficult to know what we can change, so we can ask for the wisdom to know what our Father intended, and accept the guidance given. If we are spiritually guided the guidance we receive will most likely be loving and good. “The Father Who dwells in me, He doeth the works.” If we are guided by our personal “reality” the message is from the past. Practicing A.As’ spiritual principles in all our affairs offers us the greatest realization of the Indwelling Presence we can count on, while waiting for our acceptance. We are more likely to have more backbone and less-wishbone. I love the idea that we are a spark from the great Fire, and we are of the same nature as the great Fire. Gratitude is an acceptance of grace. I have come to understand that A.As’ way of life is simply a humble method of seeking and finding the indwelling Presence, which is always Present, ready to be accepted, and our created Self. When I trust the Divine Presence within as my Source, accepting my weakness and powerlessness becomes a constructive act, making room for the abundance so freely given. There is much wisdom in being spirit-guided instead of material-guided.