Spirit Guided “Pay Forward” #245

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Spirit Guided. When I believe I am being spirit guided everything seems simple but not always easy. When I’m led by the unseen spirit I am more loving, tolerant, sympathetic, and understanding of myself and others, plus I get a lot more done. Even times when I am confronted with a difficulty that is insurmountable, and once again powerless, I’m OK if I can believe I am being spirit guided. If I feel I am being guided by my personal “reality” alone and unaided, I have fallen in another negative ditch. Like the Prodigal Son, it’s time to return Home to our Father. Thanksgiving, is one of the most powerful forms of prayer, so I try to remember the many things I have to be grateful for. Most of the times that will help me get out of the ditch. Let me return to an open heart and mind, and seek our Father’s Love and Will. Asking Him to take me on His Spiritual Journey, showing me where to go, what to do, say, think and feel, and how to love. We are invited to join in the healing process of our Father’s tender mercy, forgiveness, and divine compassion, by serving one another. Being spirit guided, we receive the spirit of the law which is its servant and the law becomes our servant, whereby we may pass on the gifts we have so freely received. By following A.As’ spiritual principles, tools, the awakening path will open before us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.