The Answer Is On The Way “Pay Forward” #243

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Addressing The Indwelling Presence. This is a good idea to put into practice for me, no matter who or how many I’m sharing with. I get uptight when I speak before a group of any size. I understand that public speaking is a very common fear. I do want to be a little nervous when I start speaking, it reminds me that I care, and I want what I share to be useful. On the light side when I ‘m speaking I may say, “I will keep talking until our Father takes my consciousness over, however sometimes He doesn’t take over until the Lord’s Prayer.” When I become aware of His Presence and I begin to speak from my heart I become a listener, both of us may get something worthwhile out of it. One suggestion - to help the speaker calm down they are to see the audience necked, that may be too distracting. What works for me is to bless everyone and pray that we may become the individual our Father created us to be and to do. I remind myself the proof that our Creator is Present is this - The fact that the food we eat is transformed into flesh, bones and energy we call life, humans cannot do that alone and unaided. Assuming the audience is alive, that’s in its self is proof of His indwelling Presence. Believing He’s Present encourages me to treat everyone with respect and extend my love. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.