What About Prayer and Meditation? “Pay Forward” #235

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – What About Prayer and Meditation? How can I put into words what I believe prayer and meditation mean to me? When I love someone deeply I will find a way to communicate with that person, I do love our Father and His Son with all my heart, mind and soul. So, I find ways to communicate with them; that's my prayers. Due to the fact that I do deeply love Them I want to know all I can about my Beloved. I seek guidance and I study difference forms of meditation and I have come to understand some of Their characteristics and what I believe to be their Love and Will here and now. Practicing contemplation, I become still and silent, in a growing, awakening process, in the Presence with an open mind and heart; that’s the core of my meditations. I’m willing to practice what comes to me through prayer and meditation. I fast from what is unlike what I believe is our Father’s Love and Will and I feast on what is, and this becomes part of my being and doing His Will. When I am unable to carry out my ideal, I ask myself, “If this is our Father’s Will for me, what is it within me that is saying no?” I share with others this simple tool as part of a working solution for most problems. Most likely, I am the one blocking the way to receiving grace and fulfillment. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.