Angry Sobriety “Pay Forward” #232

Today’s “Pay Forward” is – Angry Sobriety. Something happened in my Home Group the other day that reminded me of an A.A. meeting years ago. A visiting A.A. member dressed the group down, in a very violent way, telling us - we were not an A.A. group because we did it all wrong. He said - he knew we wanted to beat him up. And he was going to get a cup of coffee and wait outside. The meeting room got very quiet, then one of our long-timer who had the gift of keeping it simple, said - “Damn - I always get what I need in every A.A. meeting. Today’s meeting I realize, I don’t want any angry sobriety.” I loved his response. I am judgmental of those who express that hardness as A.A. Pharisees and scribes, practicing the “letter” not the spirit of A.As’ code of love and tolerance. Oops, how about the way I judge others that don’t practice the spiritual principles of love and compassion, as I see it? When I do that, I’m acting like the Elder self-righteous brother in the Prodigal Son story. What happen to what I repeat often, that there is always a purpose in every person and event? I would be better off practicing that in all my affairs. An important realization came out of this; I clearly see what I fear. I dearly love Alcoholics Anonymous, I actively sharing daily. However, I’m too concern when other A.A. members disapprove of how I share, especially dedicated members. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.