Being Perfect! “Pay Forward” #230

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Being Perfect! Perhaps we experience that to the degree that we become the individual we were Divinely Designed to be. I had to hit my bottom first. When my untreated self-centeredness takes over, and I’m “locked-up” in my self-made prison, I try affirming everything I can think would fulfill me. I silently demand only perfect love, peace, harmony, and only great health and wealth at every level. Of course without any pain; spiritual, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. Without fear, resentments or even anger. I would have to be joyous, happy and free – 24/7. I want everyone to love and respect me. I could add much more but you get the idea. Setting the bar so high, I will always fall far short. No wonder it’s hard to trust and accept my personal “reality” - filled with unrealistic good and bad stuff. That’s perfectionism; refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. It reminds me of a big lottery winner who reported within a few years of buying everything he dreamed of, ended in disappointment. I must stop blaming anyone or event for my problems or gains. I choose to turn within to my only true Source; our Father. The mind that made me sick cannot heal me. Let us ask our Creator with an open heart and open mind for all our needs, and trust that we will be supplied with whatever it takes to carry o