Some Lies Have A Long Shelf Life “Pay Forward” #226

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Some Lies Have A Long Shelf Life. “We become what we think and dwell on.” This is almost true, but it is a lie that has been sold throughout history. A very attractive investment to our ego. We do experience what we think and dwell on, but it is not what we become. We already are - an individual created by our Father/Mother, with a purpose. We are able to think and act anyway we want to, which may be contrary to our given purpose. However, when it is contrary to our Creator’s Will, we experience a conflict; we have to deal with at some point. An alcoholic hitting their bottom is a good example. We are made willing and ready for change by our self-imposed pain and imprisonment. Everything as it stops working. The True Self within each of us is demanding attention; I call it the Divine Discontent. That created Self has always known we were of value and more loving than our personal “reality” has been able to prove it or demonstrate it. When we start living by spiritual principles we are guided into what to do and be one day or maybe one moment at a time. For an ego-infested personal “reality” one simple thing at a time is about all it can handle. The secret is to embrace the loving grace already given. We are here to share our message with the world, when we are made ready by grace. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.