A Day Of Prayer And Fasting “Pay Forward” #216

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - A Day Of Prayer And Fasting.
When I need a kick-start to begin an important project - I find it useful to do a physical and mental fasting for at least one day. Here are some questions I am meditating on that seem to be in the way:
1. Have I forgive myself for not doing a wrong I wanted to do but didn’t? The following expanded the question as my denial of my hidden violence, lust and a desire to punish others and myself surfaced.
2. Is it OK for me to totally - completely forgive myself for all the wrong I’ve done and for the right not done? Am I willing to do the same for others?
3. The use of the “drug” guilt and punishment is often well disguised, am I now willing and ready to totally surrender this defect to our Father – so it can be transformed into an asset?
4. Do I truly believe it is OK for me to unconditionally love myself and others? And – forgive myself when I fall short?
5. Do I believe that I am really a created son of our Father, and a brother to all? And – treat others as if they are also His children? And – be quick to forgive when we don’t act like it?
6. When I say – Thy Love, Thy Will be done – do I really mean it? Am I walking the talk? Do I quickly forgive myself when I don’t? I’m reminded it is the Father within doing the works