Building A Social equivalent - A Labor Of Love “Pay Forward” #215

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Building A Social equivalent - A Labor Of Love. The only thing that has changed along the way is how I relate with others since joining Alcoholics Anonymous is - what I do, say, think, and feel, who, when, where and how I do it, in other words, everything with everyone. Most important I have a loving ongoing relationship with our Father. And, I have a wonderful host of friends, which are more like my spiritual brothers and sisters. I was so withdrawn, and had no one I could count on at first, and before I knew it, I could not wait to hang-out with my home group; Group 12. I was included in all of our A.A. activities. I hadn’t realized up until then how hungry I was to share my life with other humans or how lonely I was. Now, I spend five days a week, at my office sharing the Program, meetings, and workshops and one-on-one. I still go to two meetings a week at Club 12, and sometimes other groups. I am so grateful that I have something of value I can share. All of us can make a good difference, if we choose. I have been blessed for more than sixty-two years with the ways, and means to share what I have been so freely given. The workbooks and papers I have written can be downloaded, free of course at www.12stepworkbook. Org. I am so grateful that our Boss is still using this 89 year youth daily. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.