Building An Emotional Equivalent - A Labor Of Love “Pay Forward” #214

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Building An Emotional Equivalent - A Labor Of Love. February 6, 1957 my emotions were running wild. My first six months in A.A. was not drinking and going to as many meetings as I could. I was hanging out with a group of A.A. workers, who loved this way of life. I was learning a lot about alcoholics; the disease and the solution. A growing up message was no “man” should ever show fear. My fear turned so quickly to anger; I didn’t know I had it. I come to understand that my anger and fear were Siamese twins, where one was the other was close by. My greatest Hero said that we are to love our enemies; which are our fears. How am I to love my enemy if its fear? I remembered when I faced a fear it will change its nature, it would be one of two things. It would be a real problem that called for a solution or acceptance, or most often it was another one of my illusions. As soon as a fear presents its self, I can embrace it (an expression of love) and surrender it to our Boss. If it is a real problem I can turn to our Father for guidance and take action. I also learned that I was responsible for my decisions, emotions and actions, I was an emotional child. I accepted that I am an alcoholic. My life is filled with miracles and awakenings. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.