Building A Physical equivalent – A Labor Of Love “Pay Forward” #213

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Building A Physical Equivalent - A Labor Of Love. My physical body and world left a lot to be desired by the time I arrived at A.As’ doors. I listened to the physical when it was demanding its wants and needs. After sobering up I realized that an invisible means of support had created me, and was still maintaining me. It was a miracle that I was still in this body, or world. I believe that each of us has been created as an individualized expression of our Creator; we are parts of an undivided Whole. Each of us has a purpose for being. We can make a good difference if we choose. We are a separate body of one life, and that life is our Creator’s Life. We were not given a license to treat others anyway we wanted to, without consequences. A big turning point came when I accepted that our Father did create all of us and continues to maintain us moment-by-moment. I’m reminded that the food I ate is being transformed into flesh, bones, energy, in other words, life. If I had all the money, computers and brain working for me, I could not produce what is going on in the least of us. This supper Intelligence is always present within us, supplying us with all we need to finish our individual Divine Purpose. The physical body – world is a vehicle for His purpose and you and I are part of it. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.