Building A Spiritual Equivalent – A Labor Of Love “Pay Forward” #211

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Building A Spiritual Equivalent – A Labor Of love. I didn’t have a conscious relationship with a Higher Power when I arrived at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, or a spiritual experience or understanding that would become my True Source. I was drawn to the A.A. members with a deep spiritual and peaceful presence. I really wanted what they had, and was willing to do whatever it would take to get it. I began my spiritual quest; the most important decision of my life. My intention to seek and find a Higher Power that could and would do for me what I could not do for myself is ongoing. Out of enlightened self-interest, I set out to live by spiritual principles with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. A.A. gave me the tools to chip away everything unlike our Father's Will and Love as I understood it. When I failed I forgive myself and others, as needed. I passed it on to anyone that would listen. Prayer, meditation, contemplation and the use of affirmations as seed planting become a daily way of life I want and need as much as food and rest. I’m learning to be fluent in our First Language, Silence. We cannot do anything good enough to earn His grace or anything so bad to cause Him to withhold it. The Spiritual equivalent of healing is to accept the presence of the individual Divine Design within us, opening us to our Father’s regeneration. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.