Rounding Up The Holy Cows “Pay Forward” #201

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Rounding Up The Holy Cows. Do we have a herd of Holy Cows in a hidden field within us? Through the eyes of faith I experience Your Holy Presence, Father. Your loving abundance that resides at the core of each of Your creations, Your children. Nothing can hinder us when we remember that we are dealing with the One Power that creates all from within Himself, for the purpose of expressing Himself. We dwell in His Divine Union, known to us or not known. Let us give our conscious consent for Him to have His Way with us. We are given all it takes to live it. In faith let us accept His grace; I choose to change direction (repent) and look where He would have me go today. This call to repentance is the invitation to take an inventory or my habits of thoughts and feelings abiding in my personal "reality" – A.As’ spiritual tools enable us to do so. As we awaken we return to the love at the core of our being. With the eyes of faith, I see the proof of our Father's Presence, Power and Knowing within each of us doing the works we call life; that mystical union, increasing daily, giving us the solution for loneliness. The willingness to practice A.As’ spiritual principles in all our affairs, enable us to locate our holy cows, to round them up and surrender them, to be transformed by grace into workable assets. The Love, Thy Will be done.