We Take Life Apart To Understand It “Pay Forward” #192

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – We Take Life Apart To Understand It – and we forget to put back together.
Suppose we stopped compartmentalizing the indwelling Presence within, and our personal “reality,” and stop cutting them off from each other or any part of life. Imagine if we fully identified with the indwelling Presence of our Father doing the works called life, as a final stage of growth that held an unprecedented opportunity for transformation. Could we turn toward the Holy Spirit like a messenger, a master teacher and ask, “How, then, shall I live?” “When we sit in meditation, we take the little child of our ego self, off to school, where we must learn to die to our illusions about being dualistically other than God” (James Finley). There is one life, that life is perfect, That life is our Creator’s Life, that life is all life, that life is my life now. How do I treat others when I remember that? Each of us are created in the image and likeness our Father’s Divine Design to be express in this world as both spiritual and human. What if both parts of us were to serve one another and share our gifts with others as if were our brothers and sisters? Alone and unaided it would be far too difficult. However, with our Father doing the works through us we can do it. How about you and I doing it for an hour or even one day at a time. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.