Resist Not “Pay Forward” #15

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Resist Not. I believe in full ownership of my personal “reality” both conscious and subconscious. This gives me the right and power to surrender all of it to our Father for a daily upgrade and the possible transforming my defects into workable assets. I need not look on His Loving promises as referring only to after-life, but for the here and now. I may or may not have to struggle with seeking and finding His Love and Will that is my choice. I have Alcoholics Anonymous’ tools that let me deal with life in this present moment in His Presence. I believe our Father’s Kingdom is within us and we can enjoy “eternal life” here and now. I am dedicated, devoted and committed to be and to do His Love and His Will, consciously known and unknown. I pray for the insight, and understanding as needed. By our Father’s grace we can become spiritually awakened and full human. My goal is not to reject the good things of this physical world, but to use them rightly. In this way I believe my purpose has a better chance of taking place. I believe the way to become more like you and I was created to be is through spiritual practice, service and being fully human. I am receiving a great outpouring of His Holy grace, as I say the Lord’s Prayer. Faith works through indwelling Presence. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.