Sometimes Our Wizards Are Odd “Pay Forward” #13

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Sometimes Our Wizards Are Odd. “We are at our best when the doctor who resides within each patient has a chance to go to work” Albert Schweitzer. Our healing; becoming whole is a pure miracle. Our healing is done by the Divine Wizard of Oz within. Sometimes our healing is done by the Wizard of Odd. Why should we care as long as we are healed, made whole? When we realize it is our Father, our Doctor within doing the works, we are reminded that all things are possible even for the likes of us. Let us give credit where credit is due and realize miracles are not magic or odd. Miracles come by the way of grace not earned. Perhaps those who know nothing about A.A. think our way of life is odd. Most of us awaken to the reality that all True healing is a miracle of mercy and grace. There are those with no firsthand experience with Alcoholics Anonymous, who may think we are brainwashed and that our Program is a placebo. Well, my brain did need a good scrubbing. I know A.A.’s spiritual principles work and it is not just thinking that makes it so, it’s demonstrated around the world, daily. I am grateful for miracles, for mercy, for our Wizards, Oz and Odd. I am receiving whatever it takes to rewrite and rewire my personal “reality” with the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, social equivalents of Your Will, Father. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.