Loving Our Enemies “Pay Forward” #12

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Loving Our Enemies. Emmet Fox tells us, that fear is our only enemy. “This short word [fear] somehow touches about every aspect of our lives” Alcoholics Anonymous page 67. Jesus tells us that we are to love our enemies. His commandment is simple, but not easy. Embracing is an expression of love. If we embrace [love] our fear [enemy] instead of pushing it away, an important event happens. Fear will change its nature; it is a real problem we can address or its one of our illusions. We can deal with a problem or get help. Once we realize the fear is a False Event Appearing Real, we may let it go, and let the Boss deal with our “temporary insanity.” My latest need to love my enemies [my helpful friends] came while sharing my 3rd edition of “Pay Forward.” Some of my loving friends that I share my works www.12stepworkbook.org reminded me of the typos, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes I make. I run my works through two grammar and spelling checks, but I still have errors. [Embracing the problem] I didn’t learn how to read and write, much less grammar and spelling, in school. Teaching by way of phonics didn’t work for me then or now. I learned to read and write after I came into Alcoholics Anonymous. I wanted what they had and was willing to go to any length to get it. I’m deeply grateful for my loving helpful “enemies.” Thy Love, Thy Will Be done.