What About Faith? “Pay Forward” #10

Today’s “Pay Forward” Gift is - What About Faith? I have an important event taking place in a few days, and I have an abiding faith that our Father will give me all I need to fulfill it. It is becoming easy for me to trust our Father for all my future needs for carrying out the purpose He created me for. But, I need to experience my faith in His grace now. I awaken this morning with the pain in my neck, a physical one, that’s distracting me from doing my daily pre-work. I am grateful for an abiding faith in His grace for a far-off point in time, but what about this moment? It’s taking far more spiritual discipline for the here and now faith and trust. I don’t want to down-grade my vision and plans that lies ahead, but this present distraction needs to be addressed. The pain is not going away. Father I ask You, to cause me to carry out my mission with or without this pain. This morning the demands and challenge is to have faith that I will do and be Your love and Will, and serve those I am blessed with. A.A. is teaching me to take up “my cross” and do, say, think and feel, and concern myself with those I am to share with. I know that Your Loving Guidance is always available to me. I need to stop my self-centered thinking and feeling and get on with life. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.