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Al Kohallek Goes Emotional

It has been said that alcoholism, addiction, etc are but symptoms and relationships are the diseases. Our inability to consciously and consistently control or manage our emotions causes us lots of problems.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to offer additional tools, which could enable you to come to terms with some of your emotional conditions and causes. Where are these conditions and causes to be found? We do not have to go very far to locate them – they are to be found in our little personal “reality”, habits of thoughts and feelings.

If we want the fullness of life – if we want loving, caring relationships with whomever – if we want to be joyous, happy and free, if we want an open heart, mind, and soul then we must be willing to have our personal “reality” overhauled, perhaps not able but willing. We must learn to do something with my emotions. We can look to our Higher Power to do the deed.

If the doors of our consciousness were clear of clutter caused by our holding on to old useless or harmful beliefs, judgments of others and ourselves – realizing our part in all of this is no more nor less than my little personal “reality.” Our Program demonstrates that we can, through its process, become; forgiven forgivers forgiving, taught teachers teaching, healed healer healing and beloved lovers loving. Our emotions can be transformed into something loving and useful. The following are a group of thoughts and ideas about our emotions – check them over – take some and leave some. Al Kohallek (Alcoholic) found then very useful. Lou-is Pazeniton (Lou is passing it on) is Al’s sponsor.

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