The Atonement “Pay Forward” # 68

I greet The Indwelling The Redeemer.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Atonement.  When fear told me that death was stalking me my priorities changed, my life took on a new meaning about as to what is really important to or for me. I remembered that our Father is love, and is my true Source, who is ever Present.  I turned and confronted my stalker; I took back the power I had given him, and give it to our Boss. I believe that our life will never be over until our little purpose for being here in this human condition is done.  So, if we are still alive, then our mission is not reached our finished line.  We may as well enjoy the rest of our serendipity journey, and be at-one-ment with our Father’s Love and Will.  We are intended to be alive; not half dead for a few years and then go out with a sputter. It’s not what we do so much as what we are, that is the daily-miracle.  We are changed by our Father’s grace.  We shed one garment for a better one, and we are gradually transformed into what we have always been, His individual Divine design. It’s a good idea to embrace our too limited opinion, so we can surrender it to the grace of our heart knowledge. Let’s not wait on someone else to give us permission to let go and let God do for us what we cannot do or be.  Thy Love, They Will be done.