Flexibility “Pay Forward” # 6

I greet The Indwelling Freedom.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Flexibility.  I envision the trees on the coast, how they are shaped by a prevailing wind, so they don’t break.  I am learning to be more flexible in all areas of my prevailing human condition when unexpected problems or gains show up.  When some area of my human condition “breaks,” most likely it’s the hardness of “my way or the hi-way.”  When I do accept my powerless; being unable alone and unaided to bring about a healing solution, and I’m able to surrender it to our Father, the healing solution will take place, in His way.  When a fractured body part heals it is stronger at the point of the fracture.  When any part of the human condition is “fractured,” and the healing is done by our Father within, we are better off after His healing is done.  A.A. opens the way.  My spiritual experience and understanding is expanding with my daily prayers, meditations, affirmations, meditations and contemplation, improving my conscious union with our Father.  The obstacles to my interior silence are ongoing.  I only need to be willing, not always able, to let go and let our Father’s Will be done.  Remembering even for an instant that it is the Father within each of us doing the works we call life.  His love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness.  My love is an extension of His Love; in fact, all love is His Love. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.