The Spirit Of The Law And Order “Pay Forward” # 45

I greet The Indwelling Spirit of the Law.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - The Spirit Of The Law And Order.  The inner spirit of the law is A.As’ way of life, as we practice a few simple principles.  We have a universal something within us that tells us when we are doing right or wrong.  When we come into Alcoholics Anonymous we are told it’s OK that we are on the broad-road.  In the early days of A.A. the only requirement for A.A. membership was an honest desire to stop drinking.  The word honest was taken out.  The more we practice A.As’ spiritual principles in all our affairs, the road gets progressively narrower.  I can’t get by with just ever day kind of negative stuff.  There is a law of spiritual, mental, social and emotional growth.  When I began to drink like an alcoholic my growth stopped, I stuffed my problems by drinking them away, until it stopped working.  Living our recovery program raises us from a sense dwelling to a spiritual consciousness, aligning us with our Father’s Love and Will. “I have not come to destroy the laws and prophets but to fulfill them.” Alcoholics Anonymous has come into our lives to fulfill us, and to destroy the errors housed in our personal "reality,"  Our Father is not violating natural laws when He expresses a miracle through us. What we call a miracle is an expression of grace, using Spiritual Principles to rise above natural laws. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.