Forgiveness, Our Choice “Pay Forward” # 22

I greet The Indwelling Presence.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Forgiveness, Our Choice.  I realize how important it is to forgive all, withholding from no one, even myself; freeing us from the past, and to live in this moment in our Father’s Presence.  Knowing this, why haven’t I fully forgiven all? What about the abundance I have, am I passing it on unconditionally to those I’m drawn to? I have to say no; I find myself withholding from some. I fear that I may cut off the free flow of abundance if I don’t pass it on. I am reminded that resentments; our number one offender, is an attachment holding us bound to one another as a prisoner and jailer in a wall less prison.  What can I do to correct my withholding forgiveness and the gifts I’m given? I know the answer to this question. It’s simple; I know from experience that I have a solution that works. I must extend the wisdom and love our Father has already given me. I silently forgive each one for all the wrongs done and for the good not done. I set us free to carry out Your intended Will, Father.  As I am guided, I silently extend to each one what I realize at that present moment to be a perfect gift, for us both, aiding us to carry out Your Will, Father. By offering this forgiveness and this gift I set us all free to be about our Father's Business.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.