Twelve Tradition Inventory


Al Kohallek Goes High-Stepping

A.A. gives us thirty-six Principles which, when practiced in all our affairs as a way of life, will enrich our lives far beyond our fondest dreams. These thirty-six Principles are grouped into three sets of twelve each. The Twelve Steps of Recovery awaken us to a Higher Power, a higher self with the ability to both give and receive love. The Twelve Concepts of Service are guidelines and tools for our passing on this love through Service. The Twelve Traditions teach us how to relate lovingly to others, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The purpose of this Traditions Inventory is to learn how we may better practice the Principles of the Twelve Traditions in all areas of our daily lives. Although the Traditions inventory on the following pages could be used on its own, it is suggested that you use this inventory as part of/in combination with Step Four of the Twelve Steps.

ACTION - You are asked to respond to the following questions as they relate to your Relationship(s) in a major area of your life, such as the group you attend, your family, lovers, friends, or business. The word Relationship is used in the following questions to denote all your relationships of two or more. Our goal here is to get a better insight and understanding as to how we relate to God, others and ourselves.

ACTION - Choose one important Relationship to work on at a time. Work the first three Steps, using this workbook, and staying focused on that one Relationship. After you have completed those Steps, answer the following questions using the Traditions as they may apply to this Relationship. After you have completed this Fourth Step Traditions Workshop, continue working Steps Five through Twelve on this same Relationship again using this Workbook.

The willingness to forgive is the key to all healing of relationships! "So at the outset, how to live and work together as groups became the prime question." (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions - Reprinted with permission) We were created in such a way that we must share our individual lives. We may choose to share selfishly, in the illusion of separateness or choose to be closer to our true nature. God is love and so are we. Our fulfillment in this life depends on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.

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