Hugging “Pay Forward” # 90

I greet The Indwelling Divine Hugger.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Hugging.  I went on a walk; it’s such a beautiful day.  Spring is here, and doesn’t know anything about dis-ease.  Thanks to our Father the trees and plants are allowed to be close. What I was about to do, I wanted to make sure no one in nearby, I feared their judgment.  Some have a hard time tolerating the likes of me.  I picked out two healthy trees that were six feet from the street. I gave each one a big hug.  I ask our Father to bless us, and I told the trees that I loved them.  I hope it was as good for the trees as it was for me. I picked out a young wild flower and pretended it was an A.A. newcomer. I shook hands and pat them on the back.  I said welcome and keep coming back; it works it really does. I will be so happy when this lock-down is over.  I need to get better at zoom hugging. I really suck at it.   Social distance leaves a lot to be desired. I’m choosing to practice more spiritual intimacy with our Father.  I am keeping my office open for small meetings and one-on-one sharing. For that I am so deeply grateful.  We can use this down-time to do the Traditions and Steps.  You can download our always free workbooks at or email me your mailing address at or pick them up. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.