Relationship Tune Up “Pay Forward” #86

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Relationship Tune Up. All my relationships need a once in a while tune up. A few years ago I was looking for a good way to tune up my marriage. I run across a 40 day program called “The Love Dare” Kindrick. Each day I had an assignment to practice. It was kind-a-like a 40 day Al Anon course, seeking to upgrade my part. Since then I have used “The Love Dare” on my other relationships, the latest being my Tri-Spiritual-partnership, a real eye opener. I wanted to skip over some of the daily themes, Day 24; Love is Lust was one of these, which I assured myself I didn’t need to waste a day’s practice. However I decided to keep my 40 day commitment. In a few days I will be 88 years old, believe me lust is no real problem, as it once was. As an active member in A.A., I understand that an alcoholic if not living A.A.’s spiritual principles can switch addictions in a heart-beat. I’ve witnessed people, at times me, becoming lustful in every human condition. Anything that can change the way we feel and give us temporary pleasure or an illusion of security or power, is an opportunity for lust. A.A. offers us a solution; we need to own our lust, surrender them to our Father, and daily practice our spiritual principles, letting our Father do for us what we cannot, (see page 45 Alcoholics Anonymous). Thy Love, Thy Will be done.