A Covenant “Pay Forward” #79

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – A Covenant. I enter into a covenant with our Father [One Source] and my Tri-partnership. The term “covenant” is of Latin origin (con venire), meaning a coming together. I pray that our Father and my Tri-partnership coming together will become a special place that I can carry out my given purpose; our Father’s Love and Will.
) 1) My Senior Tri-partner is my created individual Self, which is in union with our Father’s Love and Will, as His child.
2) My second Tri-partner is my enlightened personal “reality,” having twelve main attributes, love, faith, wisdom, will, zeal, understanding, imagination, power of the Word, the spirit of order/law, strength, elimination and regeneration/life.
3) My third Tri-partner is my dark personal “reality.” His main characteristic is moodiness; he will shift from one mood to another in a holy instant, that’s really fast.
My enlightened personal “reality” longs to let go my selfishness that still lingers, and to be free or every obstacle that hinder my growth in divine union with our Father’s Will. Not by giving me some exceptional powers, but enabling me to live ordinary life with extraordinary love. Practicing A.A. spiritual principle has brought me out of my dark personal “reality” many times, but I find myself back in the darkness from time to time. I am given the tools to return to the light of grace. When the light is turned on where does the darkness go? Nowhere, it only has the light I give it. The Love, Thy Will be done.