Patience “Pay Forward” #78

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is Patience. Patience is one of the loves found in The Greatest Thing In The World, by Henry Drummond. The A.A. Group I joined in 1957 treated this book as if it was required reading. I was unable to give or receive the love I wanted. This little book offered us useful everyday love tools. Plus the unconditional love from these early members of A. A. was proof they worked. They introduced me to A.A. service, it works, it really does! Being taken in by A.A. Program lovers empowered me to face my greatest problems. The sum my problems were simple, not knowing how to live or love and not having a relationship with our loving Father. As I began to practice A.A. spiritual principles little by little I was coming alive, less childish and self-centered. My selfish, self-centeredness was being transformed into enlightened self-interest. I realized it was better for me to be sober, to do loving service. I was becoming patient with myself and others. Deep within each of us is an infinite intelligence transforming what we eat and drink into life and that’s an act of love our Beloved Father Loving us, no matter what. As my faith grows so does my patience with myself and others. Love as patience is passive waiting to begin; not in a hurry, calm, ready to do its work when the summons comes, for love understands and therefore, waits. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.